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                              Dust removal cartridge is known as the father of d

                                Dust removal cartridges are generally used to purify gases, such as controlling dust emissions to limit environmental pollution or restoring powders deliberately carried by gases. The filter cartridge will be used by different equipment in different occasions to collect dust. For example, in the coating equipment, the powder will be recycled to reuse, which can save energy and reduce emissions. At the same time, it plays an important role in environmental purification. The dust removal cartridges mentioned in this paper are provided by Dongguan Mayor Wei Purification Filter Co., Ltd. because the manufacturing and operation characteristics of Changwei cartridge are very particular about the cost/benefit ratio in providing maximum efficiency.

                              Basically, a filtration system consists of an air inlet chamber to be purified, a filter element (filter cartridge or filter) and a chamber through which the filtered gas can be moved to accommodate a system for cleaning the filter elements. Separation mechanism: The particles of diffused particles produce inertial impact, and the particles directly intercepted cause shielding effect.

                              Retained solid particle filter cartridges may appear in two main aspects:
                              1) Surface filtration: mainly based on collision or screening of particle deposition. Reduced pore size results in very fine particles retained in the pore, thus forming a cake particle filter.
                              2) Deep Filtration: A thicker filter device, in which particles are forced to follow a longer path, thus increasing the possibility of interaction with fibers, directly intercepting or screening effects in terms. The main characteristics of the filter cartridge are as follows:

                              Separation efficiency pressure drop capacity is used to accumulate into the filter cartridge. The filter cartridge needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure that the whole cleaning operation is still effective. The cleaning of the filter cartridge can be achieved in different ways, such as through mechanical shaking of the filter cartridge, through reverse flow, such as the filter device above, conveying compressed air gases relatively in countercurrent. Current can be used for purification, and reverse pulsed jet can be used. Its separation capacity can no longer be guaranteed (cracking the filter material or changing its porosity). Even after a long cleaning period, the filtration efficiency of the filter cartridge decreases.

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