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                              Application Principle of Several Bag Filters

                              Principles of application of stainless steel bag filter, plastic bag filter, multi-bag filter, jacking open-die bag filter and side-entry stainless steel filter:
                              Stainless steel bag filter has many advantages, such as simple structure, reasonable, good sealing, strong circulation ability, simple operation and so on. Especially the filter bag side leakage rate is small, which can accurately guarantee the filtering accuracy and quickly replace the filter bag.
                              Plastic bag filter is a 100% filtration system made of PP (polypropylene). With the excellent chemical resistance of PP material, X100 plastic filter can meet the filtration application of many chemical acid-base liquids. Products.
                              Multi-bag filter is suitable for large flow liquid filtration. From 2 bags to 12 bags, complete specifications, import and export diameter of 3-18 ", single maximum flow: 90-1080 cubic per hour. Quick-opening design is available, and the replacement of filter bags is very convenient. It can also be used in situations where the filter bag is replaced only after a long period of time.
                              The jack-in bag filter adopts a bag filter system consisting of a ring-shaped filter bag and related accessories. Provide 2 #, 1 # and 4 # standard single bag filters to meet the requirements of different customers. Provide 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel material filters, various materials of O-ring, to meet the needs of different fluids, working temperature.
                              Side-in stainless steel filter adopts the way of side-in and bottom-out. The filter liquid medium is pressed or pumped into the filter barrel through the pressure in the pipeline. The filter bag supported by blue filter is filtered through the punching of stainless steel plate, which produces ideal solid-liquid separation and achieves the effect of liquid medium being filtered. Different filtering accuracy depends on different precision filter bags.

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